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We have a collection of 3 War quotes from Dick Cheney

"I think the record speaks for itself. These are two individuals who have been for the war when the headlines were good and against it when their poll ratings were bad." (ID 36963)

"It's very important to go back and keep in mind the distinction between handling these events as criminal acts, which was the way we did before 9/11, and then looking at 9/11 and saying, 'This is not a criminal act,' not when you destroy 16 acres of Manhattan, kill 3,000 Americans, blow a big hole in the Pentagon. That's an act of war." (ID 36966)

"From our perspective, trying to deal with this continuing campaign of terror, if you will, the war on terror that we're engaged in, this is a continuing enterprise. The people that were involved in some of those activities before 9/11 are still out there." (ID 36970)

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