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We have a collection of 5 War quotes from George H W Bush

"You cannot be President of the United States if you don't have faith. Remember Lincoln, going to his knees in times of trial in the Civil War and all that stuff." (ID 36345)

"I hope my own children never have to fight a war." (ID 36500)

"I can tell you this: If I'm ever in a position to call the shots, I'm not going to rush to send somebody else's kids into a war." (ID 36836)

"One of the good things about the way the Gulf War ended in 1991 is, you'd see the Vietnam veterans marching with the Gulf War veterans." (ID 36837)

"Well, I think everybody is frustrated by the finances of the U.N. and the inability to solve problems of war and peace." (ID 36838)

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