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We have a collection of 13 War quotes from George McGovern

"I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." (ID 36098)

"The Establishment center... has led us into the stupidest and cruelest war in all history. That war is a moral and political disaster - a terrible cancer eating away at the soul of our nation." (ID 36141)

"I would not plan to base my campaign primarily on opposition to the war in the Persian Gulf." (ID 36610)

"The truth is that I oppose the Iraq war, just as I opposed the Vietnam War, because these two conflicts have weakened the U.S. and diminished our standing in the world and our national security." (ID 36611)

"When I was a youngster growing up in South Dakota, we never referred to the national debt, it was always referred to as the war debt because it stemmed from World War I." (ID 36612)

"When I was in the war, I was lucky that I was in a plane and never saw the carnage close-up." (ID 36668)

"People didn't have the political guts to stand up against an American war." (ID 36670)

"I did frequently refer to my war record in World War II, but not in any flamboyant way." (ID 36671)

"I thought the Vietnam war was an utter, unmitigated disaster, so it was very hard for me to say anything good about it." (ID 36672)

"I was the guy who was constantly speaking out against the Vietnam War. I have no regrets about that." (ID 36673)

"It is not patriotic to commit young Americans to war unless our national security clearly requires it." (ID 36674)

"There is a strong tendency in the United States to rally round the flag and their troops, no matter how mistaken the war." (ID 36675)

"It's a tough thing, to know what to do about a war that deep in your gut you feel is wrong and yet watch your peers going off to fight in that war." (ID 36676)

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